Subject Re: [IBDI] New to Firebird
Author Pavel Cisar

On 18 Apr 2002, at 11:46, R. Tulloch wrote:

> Don't agree with you comments and can't let them go.

Well, but if you will don't agree with this answer too, we should
continue in private mail exchange and post here only when we
come to a resolution that would need public audience. Ok ?

> > > I just will not work. The developer does not seem interested
in CR
> > > support for IB.
> >
> > Hell, NO! He is very committed to make it work with CR (8.0
> > AFAIK). I had a chat with him recently, and he told me that he
> > close to make it work (probably in next release). Mostly thanks
> > a CR user who feeds him with good, comprehensive tests and
> > reports. And it's possible that current version would work with
> > 5.0 (there ARE problems with CR 8.x).
> Doesn't work with CR7
> I have fed him back info on problems and rarely got a response.
> course
> that was much better that the response when I sent in test
> results/comments
> on the Firebird driver.
> The last time I checked it, it had gotten worse with respect to

The fact that the XTG driver has problems with CR is not related to
author's commitment to make it work with it. The lack of quick
response has nothing to do with it either. He works on it in his
spare time. It's also possible that would work with CR5 as is (you
didn't deny that) and maybe with CR7 right now (how long is it
when you last checked?). I know only that it didn't work with CR8 a
month ago. Your initial comment didn't take that into account, and
only bashed the product and his author. All that in answer to a list
member without (very likely) a knowledge of wide context in that
matter. It's not fair to the product, his author and even to the

> My point was if you have to spend money, Advantage w/CR
support is
> an alternative.

I would understand that recommendation if all other less drastic
(and complete change in underlying database technology is mostly
drastic and costly) possibilities would be presented and rejected.
But as first reaction when other possibilities are still in play ?

> I am not trying to discourage him. I am merely stating what I
> consider to be facts.

Ok, but your _presentation_ of _your_ facts would have the same
discouragement effect. There is nothing wrong with facts, even
subjective, if they are presented as subjective and probably not
complete. But you _presented_ them as definitive, objective and
complete. And that was the problem, not the facts itself.

> > And
> > because your last message is only a tip of the iceberg that
> > your attitude toward Firebird (and sometimes InterBase), can I
> > why you are still in this list ?
> This is an outrageous statement and without basis. Please
> reference/documentation as to the rest of the "iceberg" or

Outrageous ? Hardly. I didn't said that you did something bad,
crude, unlawful, unethical etc. But your behaviour in various IB/FB
related lists and newsgroups at least in last two years formed my
perception, that you are like a pink elephant among others, or Java
developer in Delphi forum, hence my question (from pure curiosity)
if it's worth the disappointment from occasional "clash" with the
rest for you to be here. Your behaviour seems to be "tangential" to
what others try to do and how they behave and react. I'm sorry, but
I don't have a time to collect the representative sample from your
posts in last two years in various forums (this one, mers, borland
ng etc.), nor I think that there is enough new members here that
don't know or can't collect them for themselves if they are
interested to make an opinion. But if there is at least one list
member who think that I'm not right, and that you deserve an
apology for what I wrote, than let (s)he raise a hand and I'll do
what's fair.

> I have absolutely nothing against Firebird and laud the effort
> that has gone into it. I happen to use IB 6 OS because that was
> available at the time I started what I consider for me a "large"
> app. I used IBX because it was available, free from Borland and
> seems to work exceedingly well for me. Right now, I have no
> to expend the effort to switch to either FB or IBO.
> If that is the "iceberg' a double apology is in order.

It's only a part of the "iceberg" in sense that how you react to
others, not what you use or what you think. But it's definitely not a
part that forms my opinion, as I usually don't form my opinions from
several "random" messages.

Best regards
Pavel Cisar