Subject New to Firebird
Author paultugwell
Just about to swap to Firebird from IB, having used the latter for 5

Can anybody give me any guidance on which ODBC driver to use? The
driver will be used with Crystal Reports 5 (never got round to moving
up to a later version). Reading the information for the available
drivers it would seem that the XTG driver has unspecified problems
with CR and there is little information on the IBPhoenix driver
regarding problems. Is the IBPhoenix driver still being actively
developed as the latest version is dated July 2001? (correct me if
I'm wrong!). The Gemini and Easysoft drivers are both commercial
ventures and although I am prepared to buy one of these if necessary,
we would have to bear the cost for our current customers in the first
instance, so I would prefer not to do this.

Also, reading the blurb that comes with FB, it mentions that the BDE
will not necessarily support it. Has anyone any experince with this?
It is my intention to swap the whole thing to IBO but time may
require me to deploy the sytem using the BDE in the first instance.