Subject Re: [IBDI] RE: Syntax Highlighter in IBConsole...
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:51 PM 17-04-02 +0200, Frank Ingermann wrote:
>... i took over the task
>of fixing/enhancing the SynEdit used throughout Marathon as the
>SQL editing control.
>i actually started the exact same thing you are working on, so imho it
>would be a good idea if we could combine our efforts here (instead of
>having two derivates of TSynSQLSyn - that would be both redundant and
>re-inventing the wheel.) Haven't had much time, so i haven't got far atm.
>In case you're interested, feel free to mail me privatly as this
>will definitely get off topic for this list...

Even better, both of you join the firebird-tools list and pool your ideas


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