Subject Re: Syntax Highlighter in IBConsole...
Author dominiqueatsavagesoftware
Hi Frank,
Apologies to all for posting in Spanish. I ment to send this
directly to Claudio, but obviously messed up and sent it to the list.

As suggested, I will email you directly about the
TSynSQLSynHighlighter changes.



--- In IBDI@y..., Frank Ingermann <frank@f...> wrote:
> Hi Dominique,
> Dominique Louis wrote:
> >
> > Hola Claudio,
> > Gracias por toda la informacion sobre las "Funciones", "Palabras
> > Claves" y "Tipos" de FireBird.
> >
> > Lo mandare al equipo SynEdit ( )
> > fin de semana y eseporo que sera incorporado.
> >
> > Tambien si alguien puede incorporarme en la lista de
desarrolladores de
> > FireBird, cargare la version de FBConsole que tengo, con un
> >
> > Saludos,
> >
> > Dominique Louis.
> About the SynEdit highlighter: since shortly i'm an active devel of
> GMarathon (see or
>, and i took over the task
> of fixing/enhancing the SynEdit used throughout Marathon as the
> SQL editing control.
> i actually started the exact same thing you are working on, so imho it
> would be a good idea if we could combine our efforts here (instead of
> having two derivates of TSynSQLSyn - that would be both redundant and
> re-inventing the wheel.) Haven't had much time, so i haven't got far
> In case you're interested, feel free to mail me privatly as this
> will definitely get off topic for this list...
> regards,
> fingerman
> P.S.: could you please post in English? my Spanish is really
> awful and i guess i'm not alone here :-) otherwise i'll start posting in
> Dutch so noone (well - except for Martijn) will understand me <g>...
> when parsers parse, and compilers compile, then why don't objects
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