Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
Author Ed Malloy

I totally agree with your post. It covers my points exactly.

I chose to not use the IBO components because of the many bugs and fixes; and because it is a sweeping set of components most of which I have no use for.

I totally agree that the open discussion of bugs is a definate plus for any software that has bugs.

As for having bugs, I alwasy remember the old emacs documentation where under the category bugs, the response was "Not bloodly likely."



On 4/15/2002 at 3:28 PM John Anderson wrote:

>Just to add my 2 penny's worth....
>All software has bugs. The important point to me has always been how openly
>bugs can be discussed by the community and how quickly and accurately a fix
>IBO has a history of openness about bugs. Jason and various other people
>readily admit to any problem that occurs with IBO and necessary fixes are
>supplied within days (if not hours). In over 2 years of using IBO I have
>encountered a situation where a bug in IBO has stopped me working.
>IBO is a large, sophisticated component suite, which is continually moving
>forward. It includes advanced components that require a different mindset
>to the traditional Delphi TDataset mentality. Many early problems I
>experienced with IBO were with getting to grips with this new mindse, but
>once I understood how these components worked (and consequently, how badly
>designed the BDE was for client server systems), I have never looked back.
>I regard the amount of bug reports and discussion on the IBO list to be a
>plus point in favour of IBO. As discussion is open, it gives me a clear
>sense of what's going on. I am guranteed that I'll never be meet with the
>"wall of silence" if I have problem, with IBO you get prompt and helpful
>John Anderson
>Paradigm Software Ltd
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>> David,
>> It is my opinion, and appareently Jason agrees that the IBO have a
>of bugs. no one seems to dispute this. I don't think it is necessary to go
>back and document the many examples which appeared (and I bet probably
>still do appear) in the IBO news groups.
>> I have ho problem Jason, nor with anyone who choses to use the IBO
>softward and I do believe that the bugs get fixed in due time.
>> It is simply my opinion for me that I have had a much better experience
>with IBX. The have been easy to use, and rock-solid for me.
>> I think that my experience is worth hearing.
>> ed
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