Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBX and Firebird
Author John Anderson
Just to add my 2 penny's worth....

All software has bugs. The important point to me has always been how openly
bugs can be discussed by the community and how quickly and accurately a fix

IBO has a history of openness about bugs. Jason and various other people
readily admit to any problem that occurs with IBO and necessary fixes are
supplied within days (if not hours). In over 2 years of using IBO I have not
encountered a situation where a bug in IBO has stopped me working.

IBO is a large, sophisticated component suite, which is continually moving
forward. It includes advanced components that require a different mindset to
to the traditional Delphi TDataset mentality. Many early problems I
experienced with IBO were with getting to grips with this new mindse, but
once I understood how these components worked (and consequently, how badly
designed the BDE was for client server systems), I have never looked back.

I regard the amount of bug reports and discussion on the IBO list to be a
plus point in favour of IBO. As discussion is open, it gives me a clear
sense of what's going on. I am guranteed that I'll never be meet with the
"wall of silence" if I have problem, with IBO you get prompt and helpful

John Anderson

Paradigm Software Ltd

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> David,
> It is my opinion, and appareently Jason agrees that the IBO have a history
of bugs. no one seems to dispute this. I don't think it is necessary to go
back and document the many examples which appeared (and I bet probably
still do appear) in the IBO news groups.
> I have ho problem Jason, nor with anyone who choses to use the IBO
softward and I do believe that the bugs get fixed in due time.
> It is simply my opinion for me that I have had a much better experience
with IBX. The have been easy to use, and rock-solid for me.
> I think that my experience is worth hearing.
> ed
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