Subject Re: [IBDI] Food for thought
Author John Anderson
Please don't discuss Microsoft products on this list. I'm still in therapy
after years of similar experiences with Microsoft Small Business Server, and
just reading your posts almost gave me a relapse <g>


Paradigm Software.

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Subject: Re: [IBDI] Food for thought

> You want to talk about Microsoft, my main complaints are two-fold, one is
> anything network related always refers you to your network administrator,
but what if
> you are the $#%@! network administrator? Second is that if anything goes
> there isn't a lot you can do to fix it, other then blow it away and start
> Linux never does that to you, there is always a way to coax it back into
> and there is always enough publicly available information that you don't
need to
> spend $2000 on an MCSE just to get a Win98 and WinME computer to talk to
> other.
> Okay, so I had a rough weekend, and it's Microsoft's fault, my main
> registry decided to self-destruct Friday at 4pm, and I spent most of the
> getting it operational again.
> Paul
> Paul Schmidt, President
> Tricat Technologies
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