Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: About IBX and Firebird
Author Jason Wharton

One thing that may of been helpful for you to know is during the time you
were evaluating IBO I was working on two source trees. IBO 3.x was in
stabilization mode. So, anyone wanting to be unaffected by more dynamic
development was encouraged to go that route. IBO 4 was more ambitious and
one thing about me is I LIKE to hear about as many bugs and problems
especially during those initial stages of its development prior to anyone
really having any production code relying upon it. I always encouraged
people to announce their potential bugs on the list. I probably tried to
encourage you to work with IBO 4 because you were starting out and by the
time you had anything substantial developed with it I would have had IBO 4
rock solid stabilized, as it has been for quite some time now.

I have never had a policy to hush or hide issues and that is exactly the
irony I don't think you ever saw through. You hardly gave IBO the time of
day so your opinion really isn't that valid. Then, and especially now.
Perhaps I should have a separate list for my production and BETA efforts but
people are usually pretty good about telling what version of IBO they are
working with. I think it is valuable for people to know the big picture as
much as possible. Some just can't handle it and nobody who gives up so
easily ever will. I've already accepted that.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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> Thomas,
> I think that everyone's opinion is valid and important.
> My experience dates back over a year. And my issue wasn't SERIOUS
problems, it was the number of fixes and version updates (as can be
doucmented from the version history of IBO and the IBO newsgroup archives).
My decision was also based on the fact that the vast majority of the
components were of no interest to me. I felt that a library that included
just data access components was of more value to me.
> Glad to hear you opinion
> ed
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> >Ed,
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> >a history of bugs? I'm using IBO now for 1 year and I haven't
> >encountered any serious problem so far, so I can say, that they are
> >rock solid for me.
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> >I think that my experience is worth hearing too.
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> >Regards,
> >Thomas Steinmaurer
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