Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBConsole
Author Paul Schmidt
On 7 Apr 2002 at 15:40, Artur Anjos wrote:

> Hi Dominique,
> Let me explain to you the history for this subject in the last 6
> months:
> First, Paul from Tricats build a dedicated newsgroup to this project.
> Some people went there, it have some discussion about it.

That list is dead now, it could be reserected at some point, but the general
consensis is that there are enough projects out there already, and that people are
better off picking a project and assisting the authors of that project to make it better.

> Next, 2 or 3 months ago, some people went here with lots of ideas also
> and decide to peek up Marathon and do some work on it. I don't
> remember to see there names here, but someone from the other list pick
> up the project, and I know about some good developers that are working
> on Marathon right now.

However the executables available are subject to the IBO tablename problem, and
D3 isn't fully supported, so Marathon will be a good option later on.

> About IBConsole: there was some 'political' problems with Firebird and
> IBConsole. And you know about politics: none of parts are right, none
> of the parts are wrong, but both parts became apart with no reason at
> all. And like good politicians they still apart. :) (That's my
> independent point of view, also political)

An interesting option is IBQuery, it's about the same level of functionality as
ibconsole, but without the problems, or the politics.


Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies