Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBConsole
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:32 AM 08-04-02 -0400, Paul Schmidt wrote:

>However the executables available are subject to the IBO tablename problem,

Do you gMarathon guys need updated IBO? I thought Marco Menardi was there,
looking after such things....

> and
>D3 isn't fully supported, so Marathon will be a good option later on.

Do you mean the gMarathon development is using Delphi 3? Why?
The D3 problem is not a matter of "not supported", it is a bug in D3 that
it doesn't properly support object interfacing (iUnknown), which is used
for the visual controls in IBO 4. It's a fairly fatal flaw, making D3 a
bad choice.

>An interesting option is IBQuery, it's about the same level of
>functionality as
>ibconsole, but without the problems, or the politics.

I agree, IBQuery is a very elegant tool and I believe its owner was talking
of making it an opensource project at some point.


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