Subject Re: IB Fields
Author mmenaz
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> Hi All.
> I am trying to create a Interbase Table but I don't know what the
> interbase field is for a Boolean Field.

There is no such a field type! Usually programmer choose a conventional one (i.e. shortint and 0/1 value, or char and Y/N value, etc.) and have a pain to make it work on the front-end.
If you, like me, are using IBO and native compoents, you are luky: ibo has a build in support for booleans, in the sense that you tell him about your convention and then your components will use that field like a boolean one.
More, if you are clever, you define a domain for your booleans and, at IB_Connection level, tell IBO that all fields with that domain are boolean :)
I suggest you to buy the very useful Getting Started Guide (GSG from or go to the IBO only yahoo list.
Hope this will help you to find the right direction :)
Marco Menardi