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Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Sábado 6 de Abril de 2002 6:56
> IMHO, FBSQL definately needs a GUI style front-end to round out the
> excellent product. Maybe a small team could grab the the older CVS code
> and take it from there adding more specific FBSQL features or
> alternatively they could pester Jeff Overcash some more to release the
> latest source code to the CVS.

You can bet on Kris Golko to inform us when the new sources are released.

I think that IBConsole is simple to use, although I dislike the way that
each time you click on the main window, the child window(s) vanishes behind
and you have to use a menu's list of opened windows to get it in front
again. After a few minutes, it becomes a pain.

The changes that IBConsole currently need to wotk well with FB are minimal.
However, if a new version uses a parser that only recognizes the IB
keywords, users may hit a wall while trying to use FIRST, SKIP, RECREATE and

Let's recap. FB devs have enough with the engine's sources. We can't do
more. There's the IBPhoenix ODBC driver that has not been touched in months.
There's the XTG driver that didn't find many interested collaborators,
despite being free and open sourced (and despite being backed by FB
initially). The reason why our JDBC/JCA driver was started is because one of
FB devs is a member of the Jboss project and later two more people joined
the effort. There's an outdated copy of IBConsole at the Firebird's CVS that
nobody has touched. It doesn't come from a political decision. There has
been no agreement whether to delete it or to preserve it. But without
maintainers, it makes more sense to deprecate it than to keep a dead weight.
Consider that the main work is done by Jeff and Kris, so the "only" needed
work is to sync their work with the changes required to make IBConsole work
smoothly with FB.

In the past, several people said "I want to cooperate, but I only have
Delphi and know Pascal". Okay, you have IBAccess, GMarathon and IBConsole.
Choose one and put your grain of sand. There are several other free tools
listed at my site that might benefit from volunteers, too. And most of them
address both IB and FB, so you don't need to take a political side to

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