Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBConsole
Author Artur Anjos

My 'not-so-independent-but-political' reply to your email is this little

- I think we have more problems to debate about Firebird and we are wasting
time with a tool;



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> At 03:40 PM 07-04-02 +0100, Artur Anjos wrote:
> >About IBConsole: there was some 'political' problems with Firebird and
> >IBConsole.
> Were there? What were they?
> AFAIK, the "problems" with the IBC code as released in July 2000 (which is
> really all that is accessible to the public) were a) that it uses the
> Services API which was then unfinished, not well tested and (then)
> undocumented and b) that it was not good Delphi code. The Services API
> hasn't changed since then.
> Considering that Jeff Overcash took it over and decided to continue to
> on it, and considering the superior tools that were either already
> available or coming on-stream, it was never considered worthwhile
> amongst Firebird "must-do" things. There was never any political decision
> about it - the source code is there and if someone wants to work on it,
> there is nothing to stop him/them.
> Personally, as a Delphi programmer, I consider it's not worth spending
> on, so I haven't. Jeff thinks it's worthwhile and he's done some work on
> it; and Krysz has done some (I think). Jeff has indicated his
> unwillingness to make IBC compliant with bug-fixes that are in FB but not
> in IB 6.x - that's his choice for his project - which is undeniably
> InterBase-and-Borland-focused. There is no *political* reason why anyone
> else can't pick up the source from the Firebird tree and work on it in a
> separate project...there is no limitation that says you have to use Jeff's
> (unavailable) source.
> >And you know about politics: none of parts are right, none of the
> >parts are wrong, but both parts became apart with no reason at all. And
> >good politicians they still apart. :) (That's my independent point of
> >also political)
> Artur--you??--independent??? :)
> cheers,
> Helen
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