Subject Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD
Author mmenaz
I've post this on ib-support, and Artur Anjos told me that here you
were already discussing about such a topic, so I post it here to have
your opinions/contribution.
[btw, no Artur, I'm not good in Photoshop (I don't have it, I've
PhotoPaint)! I'm a drawer disaster! If you REALLY need something in
Photopaint, I could ask a friend if he can do the job)]
Hi, I'm a Firebird user, and I will sure buy FB 1.0 CD as soon as
it's release with the only goal to support "financially" your efforts
and work.
I think that this feeling of "support who is giving you real value
for free" is getting more and more attention, in part due to the
financial crisis or difficult of free software firms.
My suggestion is: include something that your "supporter" can show as
a symbol of their contribution! I think a good thing should be the
moral right of putting in their programs' about box a special version
of "power by firebird" logo, something with "Active firebird
supporter" written on the bottom, maybe with a slight different
colour, or something like that (you've got the idea).
I think that you will surely include something interesting in the CD
that can justify it's buy by itself, but I think that my suggestion
can improve things even more... and push FB "evangelisation".
Considering that this will cost you only some bytes and 10 minutes
with Photoshop...

Marco Menardi