Subject Re: [IBDI] Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Marco!

Please do a search in this list (and ib-support) using the words 'atracting
users to FB' or something with 'sports tank' in it, to be 'in time' with
what we already discussed here.

What we need is a draft for the 'sports tank', that could became a 'toy'
that we can use to help marketing FireBird. It will be a start. I presume
that here we are all developers with the same capabilities as yours to use

Maybe your friend can do a draft of that Sports Tank for us?

The topic about 'how to [improve/create] Firebird marketing' is a
always-open topic with very strong rules.

This is how it works:

a) Someone do a post like yours in ib-support;
b) Everyone is interested in that topic, so we've got an incredible
cross-posting for one or two days;
c) Helen put's the witch hat on and kick-us-all from ib-support to this
d) one or two more posts about the subject here...
e) Back to a)

This time only I have made an exception to the system and make you jump from
a) to d).


"There is nothing wrong with FireBird that Marketing can't fix"

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Subject: [IBDI] Just a marketing suggestion for FB1.0 CD

> I've post this on ib-support, and Artur Anjos told me that here you
> were already discussing about such a topic, so I post it here to have
> your opinions/contribution.
> [btw, no Artur, I'm not good in Photoshop (I don't have it, I've
> PhotoPaint)! I'm a drawer disaster! If you REALLY need something in
> Photopaint, I could ask a friend if he can do the job)]
> message:
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> Hi, I'm a Firebird user, and I will sure buy FB 1.0 CD as soon as
> it's release with the only goal to support "financially" your efforts
> and work.
> I think that this feeling of "support who is giving you real value
> for free" is getting more and more attention, in part due to the
> financial crisis or difficult of free software firms.
> My suggestion is: include something that your "supporter" can show as
> a symbol of their contribution! I think a good thing should be the
> moral right of putting in their programs' about box a special version
> of "power by firebird" logo, something with "Active firebird
> supporter" written on the bottom, maybe with a slight different
> colour, or something like that (you've got the idea).
> I think that you will surely include something interesting in the CD
> that can justify it's buy by itself, but I think that my suggestion
> can improve things even more... and push FB "evangelisation".
> Considering that this will cost you only some bytes and 10 minutes
> with Photoshop...
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi