Subject Re: [IBDI] GPL
Author Brad Pepers
On Tuesday 19 February 2002 03:10 am, Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> I want people to use Firebird because I believe that software built
> on Firebird will be better than software built on other databases and
> because better software makes my life better. Take Quicken (please).
> There's someone on this list who could build a better, faster, more
> useful small company accounting package using Firebird as its data
> manager. Maybe that person would spend 18 months living off savings
> and credit cards just for the glory if the package had to be released
> under GPL. Maybe. For me, glory is even better when combined with
> the chance of making a filthy amount of money. I also like working
> for entrepreneurial, self-funded, product-oriented small companies
> and want to seem Firebird help them succeed.

Amen to that Ann! I've been busy doing just as you say and have released a
business accounting package (so more QuickBooks than Quicken) which uses
Firebird. I get a lot of people telling me I should release it for free
after working on it for almost 2 years now. These people have no ideas as to
how I can make a living and feed my family when I give it away but they feel
I should anyway! Some get very angry at me for not releasing it for free!!

I don't see any reason why after working for 2 years on a software package I
shouldn't get paid a little for it. If I had a different full time job then
perhaps I would just release it all for free since I'm not dependent on it
for my income but thats not the case and is often not the case for
independent developers.

Brad Pepers