Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBDI resignation
Author Artur Anjos
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From: "Paul Schmidt" <paul@...>
Subject: Re: [IBDI] Re: IBDI resignation

> Here I join the IBDI list on the 31st and it dies on the 1st, how
> about that.....
Hehehe. Me too!

> How about that the ib-fb-general list, this would be for general
> discussion. I suggest the name ib-fb-general, to show that it is
> open to both Interbase and Firebird, and to show that it is to
> discuss general issues (as opposed to the specialty lists support,
> priorities, etc...)
What a wonderfull idea. That it's a better idea that changing just for 'ib'
or just to 'fb'.