Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Names of our lists/newsgroups
Author Artur Anjos
Long post yours, Alexander, so I've cut it out.

I will just reply to the question: 'Artur, what is the reason for it?' ;)

I have a problem that I'm shure others will have too. I need more visibility
to FireBird (more agressive marketing, if it sounds better this way...). I
think we all do. It's very easy to sell a product that it's well know in the
market, and very hard to sell the oposite.

And the dificulty becames harder when there is another product that is,
let's call it 'very similar to FireBird' that costs $200 for a server
licence plus $1,200 for 10 users (or $150 each user).

Anyway, the simple answer to your simple question will be: 'Marketing'.

I have propose the changing in the names of the newsgroups because they are
one of the most valuable FireBird have: know-how. In my modest opinion, this
could be a contribute to propagate the FireBird's name.

If IB was dead at this time, we will be here discussing the way to move our
clients from Oracle/MySQL to FB. That's an easy task for us to discuss with
our clients: that's a figth we are used to.

But one of the best things in Open Source projects are the easy way to
discuss ideas. After no more than 2 hours after my initial posting, I've
start thinking about what to do with it: Rollback or Commit?

I have now the feeling that we all are in a very complicated (and political)
decision.So I will keep my Transaction open.

Artur Anjos