Subject IBDI resignation
Author Jason Wharton
I, Jason Wharton, hereby resign from the IBDI and announce its disbandment.
I believe there is nothing of significance that can be done more. Both Helen
and Dalton (IBDI co-founders) have concurred with this action.

In many respects I believe there has been a measure of success enjoyed by
all who have been involved in this ordeal since 1999. It is true there are
many great things I hoped would happen that didn't, but I don't feel to
complain at how things have turned out.

Although there are likely hard feelings between certain individuals and
entities, I think we all have sufficient to be grateful for. Hopefully with
this new year upon us we can focus on the things we have to be grateful for
and forgive all those who have offended or injured us.

This is a resolution I have made for myself this year and it feels quite
wonderful. I ask forgiveness from all who I may have offended in my efforts.
I also want to extend my heartiest thanks to all those who sacrificed much
and continue to sacrifice much to do their part to keep the torches lit,
whichever camp you chose to be in. I have learned a lot through this
experience and consider it the most valuable thing to come of it all (for

The web-site will be off-line in the near future. The IBDI
list may also be disbanded after concluding comments, insights and
discussions to conclude this all have died down. All other lists born from
the IBDI will continue as-is for the good of the community and be ran by the
community consensus however you have decided to ascertain it.

If a significant number of you feel there is still a need for the IBDI, I
appoint Helen as caretaker and organizer of it. A few rules I would like to
propose if it is going to continue is that there always be three people at
the head who act in unison on all major decisions. With the focus being on
representation of what the community at large desires, as free as possible
from personal biases and agendas. That was what I tried to do and I believe
there is great wisdom in doing things that way.

All the best for this new year!

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton