Subject Re: IBDI resignation
Author beru7
> I, too, like the idea of maintaining a general forum where we can
bring non-support issues, have a bit of fun sometimes, launch some
threads that might move into "priorities" or "architect" if they get
especially interesting, announce new plug-in products, even "vent" a
bit on occasion...and keep a door open for the folk at Scotts Valley
who used to be our colleagues, right in there with us...
> So, if you like (or hate) the idea, let's roll around the idea of a
new, open discussion list...think of a name for it...

Is there really a reason not to keep this one ? Many people already
know it, and it has a useful purpose. Apart from the name I see no
reason to create a new list. Just my opinion of course...

Berenger Enselme