Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: IBDI resignation
Author Paul Schmidt
On 3 Jan 2002, at 0:07, Helen Borrie wrote:

> IBDI has achieved its aim. The new bird is hatched and flying on its
> own. The IBDI ("InterBase Developer Initiative") is done and
> complete.
> > So where will be place for discussions like "Names of our
> >lists/newsgroups"? I think there always be some non-technical
> >questions around Firebird and Interbase coexistence.
> I, too, like the idea of maintaining a general forum where we can
> bring non-support issues, have a bit of fun sometimes, launch some
> threads that might move into "priorities" or "architect" if they get
> especially interesting, announce new plug-in products, even "vent" a
> bit on occasion...and keep a door open for the folk at Scotts Valley
> who used to be our colleagues, right in there with us...
> So, if you like (or hate) the idea, let's roll around the idea of a
> new, open discussion list...think of a name for it...
> regards,
> Helen

Here I join the IBDI list on the 31st and it dies on the 1st, how
about that.....

How about that the ib-fb-general list, this would be for general
discussion. I suggest the name ib-fb-general, to show that it is
open to both Interbase and Firebird, and to show that it is to
discuss general issues (as opposed to the specialty lists support,
priorities, etc...)

Threads that get topic specific can be routed to the list where it
makes the most sense. What might also be of help. at this point,
would be to review all of the lists, and see if there wouldn't be better
ways of doing some things, like splitting support into IB and FB.

I suggest that you set up a task force, to review all of the ib/fb lists
and where they are located, and then the task force can announce
across all lists what the conclusions are. For example there are
several lists on Yahoo Groups, and some more on source forge,
and I think one or two news groups, at Borland. It would serve the
community best if there was a single cohesive place where people
can go to discuss IB and FB.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies