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Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> At 01:44 AM 7/12/2001 -0700, Jason Wharton wrote:
> >Ok, that's great. With a reasonable approximation of the NT if it is a
> >freshly obtained transaction I can examine the gap if...
> >How do I get the OAT and OIT figures via the API?

Jason, please take your support issues to IB-Support...
More below...

> At the moment, you can't. Gstat, in a crude and dirty hack,
> reads the header page directly. We should add database info
> items for OAT, OIT, page size, next transaction, etc.

Some interesting things happened after IB v3, Mom.
<big grin>


Overview of task identifiers
The following table lists by request buffer cluster identifier the tasks
that you can request with isc_service_start().
isc_action_svc_db_stats: Report database statistics; equivalent to the
output of gstat

Requesting database statistics
You can use the cluster identifier isc_action_svc_db_stats to request the
Service Manager prepare database statistics. This corresponds to the
functionality of the gstat command-line utility. You can subsequently
receive this information using
isc_service_query() (see “Querying service tasks” on page 237). The
following table lists arguments to isc_action_svc_db_stats:
isc_spb_sts_hdr_pages: Request only the information in the database header
page; corresponds to gstat -header; Argument value is a Bit.

Isn't the information in the db header the one that contains OAT, OIT,
bumped txn and the like? Still with its lot of bugs (even after being
cleaned for months), IBConsole is a demonstration of this API call.

I continue thinking that this thread is better suited for the IB-Support

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