Subject Re: Product name

> Firebird has been *the* name associated with open-source dev.
> of "that database" all along. All of the existing application
> developers know it and - at present, dear friends, they are the
> supporters and customers of the "brand association". The
> Sourceforge admins know it. The online journos know it.

Yes. But Firebird wasn't the name of the product. Firebird was the
name of the development unit of the community. Therefore Firebird has
not been used as a brand, a trademark so far. In any case, since a
1.0 build hasn't been released yet, it hasn't been used widely and it
hasn't been promoted. Also, adding the three letters SQL at the end
is a minor change, for good reasons, which I mentioned.

> Firebird will change its name if enough of the ***Firebird***
people want it to.

Exactly. And to know if maybe many Firebird people agree with my
opinion. All the suggestions I make are what I believe in the very
best interest of Firebird and I think suggestions, at least
constructive ones, should be allowed.

I did not more than point out what would be a good thing to do, and
asked for your opinion. Isn't that the normal way to do?

> All this "will" and "must" and "should" is getting irritating.

Why? All these things are about topics that matter for the future of
Firebird and hence should be welcome?

>Could this thread be permitted to be a forum of ideas and views on
>those ideas, instead of a soapbox where one loud voice wants to
>shout down all the rest? Past experience has shown that this
>community gets good results from concensus about a good idea. It is
>not a mass of dunderheads needing a daily hammering to get a point.

Shout down all the rest? Helen, please... I asked the question and
dared even to give a reply to the position of Ann. Is this shouting
down the rest?

At least as far as you are concerned, Helen, there's no way to shout
you down, because since I visit this forum I didn't read a single
constructive and future-oriented contribution from your part. You
explained well the historics though, thanks for that. But you do not
seem willing to engage in discussion about real topics, things that
matter and that, by all evidence, require decisions.

Take this thread just for an example: I suggest something, with 3
good reasons why I think it would be good. Does your reply contain
any intelligent contribution to the topic? Ann's did, even if I don't
agree with her. But yours doesn't. You seem to receive much respect
from other members of this group, but what you have demonstrated to
me until now, well, was in any case not forward looking and
constructive and that's what Firebird needs. Firebird will evolve
through topic oriented, constructive discussion and not just from
people being nice with each other.

> If you please...
> Helen

If _YOU_ please...