Subject Re: Product name
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> On 26 Apr 2001, at 21:34, markus.soell@b... wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > after some reflexion I have come to the conviction that the
> > should be named FirebirdSql, rather than Firebird.
> FirebirdSql would be kinda better name for database than plain
> Firebird, but:
> Pros:
> - More descriptive name for database
> - Match secured domain(s)
> Cons:
> - Produced code should match the name, so changes to the code
> and documentation are needed.
> - If project will not retain its name (Firebird Project is IMHO
> name for a project than FirebirdSql), we have to adjust already
> created articles, web pages etc. We have to get used to new name
> (change signatures etc.).
> - After almost a year of its existence, Firebird got some name
> recognition.
> - Consider all changes needed (code, doc/web, mindset) when
> we're in process to release our major version
> Best regards
> -- Pavel

Hello Pavel,
I like your analysis of the situation, that's exactly correct.

I don't know in how many places the word Firebird exists and would
need to be replaced by FirebirdSQL.

I don't think past articles would need to be updated. But indeed, in
documentation and other material which is actually to be used, the
change would need to be made.

Your final remark is also very important: You're in process to
release the major version. That means: If you want to make any
adaptions to the name, you must do it now. Because once the product
is released, the name will spread out in the world and will become
very very much more difficoult to make any changes to it.

The bit of time it would take to adapt the things, even if it's a
couple of days, I don't know, should not influence your decision here.

The only real question is: Which name is better for the product?

I agree, Firebird sounds very nice and FirebirdSQL, a composite word,
has less appeal for a word as such. But on the other hand it has
those few advantages which, in my opinion, make it the more
apropriate name for the product.

I guess I should not too much comment on the topic, Helen is already
angry with me. But I invite you all to think very well about this.
It's now that you have the possibility to decide. Once the product is
released it will be much more difficoult, if not impossible.

Kind Regards