Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Product name
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 4/27/2001 07:18 AM (Friday), markus.soell@... wrote:
> > All this "will" and "must" and "should" is getting irritating.
>Why? All these things are about topics that matter for the future of
>Firebird and hence should be welcome?

Markus, you are not listening enough. The comment above is about your word
choices, NOT about your ideas. You, however, responded as though the
comment was intended to prevent you from speaking at all.

What I read in the above comment to you is that you are presenting your
ideas in a more forceful manner than necessary. That is starting to
irritate people. If you continue to be insensitive to other people's
responses you will lose favor in this community and thereby lose what
influence you have.

Right now you have influence simply by having the energy to pursue issues.
That will not last long unless you can find a better way to productively
meld your ideas with those of others.