Subject Logo colour
Hi all,
a decision about the logo colour should be made.

I personaly like the "fire" one, especially for the big ones it looks
very nice and fresh and also the fine black shadow looks nice there.
And it symbolizes the fire.

However, there are a few drawbacks: Depending on the context where it
is to be used, the orange-yellow might be a bit too bright, too
oppressive. Sometimes a more quiet colour would simply look more
distinguished. The shadow is needed to give some contrast to the
yellow so that it's visible on white background. But the smaller the
logo the more problematic becomes this shadow.

Since it's a trademark, a decision about the colour must be made.
Like the shape, the colour is also a distinctive element of the mark
and therefore the same colour should alwayse be used for the logo, so
the public gets used to it.

Well, what I would suggest, since the red-yellow isn't really a
colour ;) I think it's acceptable that one other colour can be used,
besides black of course. This other colour should be more dark, so
that it's useful where the red-yellow is too bright.

See the colour comparison chart for some examples:

I suggest to use the "DarkRed2" as the second colour besides "fire".
I put that colour on the page because Pavel mentioned it to me, and I
must say, I like it too. Also it's the colour of the InterBase 6
package and so it would be a nice, subtle reference to the historical
relationship between the two.

What do you think?