Subject Re: [IBDI] Logo colour
Author Larry Carter

All the logo's you have done look great!

Here is my $.02:

I personally like all the primary colors (Blue,
Green etc.) and especially the "Fire" logo. But if I
had to choose just one alternate color (beyond "Fire")
for the logo it would be the DarkRed. The DarkRed2
looks too purple to me. (Then again, I am partially
color blind).

There is one thing I would like to suggest however.
I noticed that all the primary colors but Yellow was
present. Now I realize that the "Fire" logo has a lot
of yellow, and that is the one I like the most, but a
all yellow one would be nice. I, unlike the majority
of the world, prefer black rather than white
backgrounds. I feel it makes it easier for me to read
things. The darker colors would not work well on a
black background. Just a thought.

--- markus.soell@... wrote:
> Hi all,
> a decision about the logo colour should be made.
> I personaly like the "fire" one, especially for the
> big ones it looks
> very nice and fresh and also the fine black shadow
> looks nice there.
> And it symbolizes the fire.
> However, there are a few drawbacks: Depending on the
> context where it
> is to be used, the orange-yellow might be a bit too
> bright, too
> oppressive. Sometimes a more quiet colour would
> simply look more
> distinguished. The shadow is needed to give some
> contrast to the
> yellow so that it's visible on white background. But
> the smaller the
> logo the more problematic becomes this shadow.
> Since it's a trademark, a decision about the colour
> must be made.
> Like the shape, the colour is also a distinctive
> element of the mark
> and therefore the same colour should alwayse be used
> for the logo, so
> the public gets used to it.
> Well, what I would suggest, since the red-yellow
> isn't really a
> colour ;) I think it's acceptable that one other
> colour can be used,
> besides black of course. This other colour should be
> more dark, so
> that it's useful where the red-yellow is too bright.
> See the colour comparison chart for some examples:
> I suggest to use the "DarkRed2" as the second colour
> besides "fire".
> I put that colour on the page because Pavel
> mentioned it to me, and I
> must say, I like it too. Also it's the colour of the
> InterBase 6
> package and so it would be a nice, subtle reference
> to the historical
> relationship between the two.
> What do you think?
> Regards
> Markus
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