Subject Re: [IBDI] About IBDI
Author Pavel Císaø

On 26 Apr 2001, at 9:47, markus.soell@... wrote:

> On the other hand you are right, three sites is already a lot and
> adding another one is too much. But I would prefer to abandon the
> current Firebird site because I don't really see what it's good for.
> PHPNuke is portal software, but Firebird doesn't need a portal. All
> it needs is a clean and plain presentation of the project and its
> product.

Well, but allow me to contradict your statement. Firebird web site
is in service for Firebird DEVELOPERS, not users. The portal
features you dislike is a valuable source of feedback for
development and information resource for those who can't commit
their time every day to participate in mailing lists. Above that,
phpNuke is not only a SlashDot-like "portal", but also a content
management system that allow various people from all corners of
the project to publish articles, announcements etc. without direct
need to learn something above basic HTML or without direct
involvement of our "web team". It's happen that Firebird site has
also services / pointers to new-comers just because it's possible to
enter the InterBase ring from any site, including Firebird's one.
You're right that having all info for such people at one place,
distinct from Firebird / IBPhoenix / IBDI would be somehow better,
but it is as is, and it works (to some extent) well.

And another side note about web sites. It's easy to propose
changes or ideas, it could be also easy to build a new site (but
someone have to do it), but someone always have to MAINTAIN it
over time. If no one will step forward and commit time and sweat to
that, it will never happen despite the magnificence of original idea.
Especially the maintenance is a hardest part of whole work that
only few are willing to take.

Best regards

Pavel Cisar <pcisar@...>
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