Subject Re: About IBDI
Hi, Marcus, you are strong man. I like people that don't
afraid to admit own mistakes. And I think you bringed back
Paul's respect (it seems he is hot guy too).
About to be or not to be IBDI site. From one side it's
really pity to spend time and forces to support many sites
with the same or nearly the same themes. From another side,
I regularly see in Russian newsgroups "Firebird? What is it?".
Just visited There are only 191
registered users now and 320 votes in survey. Someone can say
"not only but already", and be right, it's new site, but
compare it with amount of people that use Interbase.
So, if "Firebird" and "Open Source Interbase" become
synonyms, I think it's not bad to have one site, but after
some advertising.
And I think interactive partitions are needed, no matter
where they are phisycally placed.
Summary: minimax, as always - maximum advantages with
minimum efforts.