Subject Re: IBPhoenix - article about IB6, certified, faq etc...
--- In IBDI@y..., "Robert F. Tulloch" <tultalk@a...> wrote:
> This endless ranting that has gone on for months is a real
detriment to both
> IB and Firebird and has the potential (if not already the effect)
> potential users/contributors away from use/participation in this
open source
> scenario.
> Given a while longer, I think Borland will realize it is in their
> interest to provide binaries for download rather than let a bunch
> build their own and "call" it IB. Eventually it will all come
together into one,
> they control the testing and building of IB Open Source, all the
open source
> folks contribute ideas and code and preliminary testing and it on
big happy
> IB family with a known product identity. Of course this
that the
> fanatics can get over the bitter feelings which are so slowly
abating, if at all.
> Lets cool it.

Hi, Robert, Hi, All. I'm cool like a haystack, I never participated
in discussion about Borland Open Source (BOS further) joke. And all
what happened really is not useful neither Borland nor, let's be
honest, BOS tree is dead now, Firebird group. And let's don't be
naive, few of people will beleive Borland if they suddenly change
opinion on OS (for a few month). I think big happy IB family is
Utopia now.
I made my choice without any emotions, sympathies or antipathies.
Pure rationality. I'm not RDBMS developer, I'm database and
application developer, so I did'nt participated in OS. By the way,
can anybody say how much people participated in BOS tree, I mean
so-called core engine? I don't believe 5 man at Borland can give
operative support and make future development at the same time. OS
idea attracts many skilled people and I see it at Firebird group.
Besides that, OS is free from administrative dictatorship, which,
pursuing marketing or own bureaucracy purposes, often became enemy of
quality. But, on my opinion, OS idea obligatory should be supported
by small employee (not volunteer) staff to perform tests and unify
many inventions made by volunteer indivuals into whole system, make
in proper time renewed profitable CD's and printed docs, maybe
magazine, legalize fund sources, perform promotion. Not RULE
community but SUPPORT. And if Firebird group in the foreseeable
future will not be able to create it, I'm afraid OS idea will be
finally buried. I can help only with promotion doing my best in
ib-support or other suitable newsgroup. And one more for promotion:
Bereg Ltd, largest paper trader in Russia, for 4 month uses Firebird
beta to carry and develop large ERP system nearly without any
troubles. Database is about 2Gb size, contains about 600 tables, 500
SP, 800 triggers. But if I started it now, after all events, I
probably rejected any IB branch and choiced Oracle... Our project
started 6 years ago when company was comparative small, now we have
about 500 000 lines in applications only and financial analysis
subsystem is not finished yet, so we are slaves of this RDBMS
architecture. And we hope on OS.

Let's hope.
Alexander V. Nevsky, chief of software department, Bereg Ltd.