Subject IBPhoenix - article about IB6, certified, faq etc...
Hi all,

I just read the article up at about the FAQ at the
Borland site and it's exactly what I feel about the whole Borland -
IB thing...

The current 'open source' model by Borland is useless! No matter what
every 'TeamB' member says - its utterly useless... They know it, but
cannot tell - at least, that's what I think.

How can someone at Borland say that the current open source model is
good and works fine... The whole open source IB is just one big

I know, people keep saying let the past rest, I agree on that. But
this is current date and time we're talking about. What is Borland
expecting? 'Anyone' can add to InterBases value -> you're allowed to
add fixes, new functionality ... but what do you get in return?
Nightly builds, not even done by Borland!!

Sorry, but I really don't get it...


Any comments?

Martijn Tonies