Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird / IBPhoenix Politics
Author Pavel Cisar

On 16 Apr 2001, at 9:29, Jeff Dodds wrote:

> It is my opinion that the continuous retelling of the InterBase Conflict is
> harmful to the development of Firebird. When a new potential user /
> developer first joins the lists he or she is hit with the facts of the
> schism which birthed Firebird.

Yep, it doesn't win us any good. But we're (mostly) over it and
Firebird is a resumption of original InterBase before Borland age
than anything else. There is a little gunplay right now at Borland's
ng's about how Borland trample on the open source IB, but it will
cease over time. I hope that it's last gunfight for very long time
(another could be started when we'll roll out our own "certified"
Firebird 1.0, but this time originated from opposite side :)

> I agree that Firebird needs a site of it own. Is this what
> is?

I'm not aware about that this domain was secured for Firebird
Project. But if it's not and it's still free, it would be nice to have it.

>If a name can be decided upon, I'll put my money where my
> mouth is. I will buy webspace for Firebird and foot the bill for
> three years (Webspace must be reasonable). I will turn over
> control of the webspace to the key developers (those who
> control the Firebird builds). And I am willing to turn over
> ownership of any name purchased to a legal Firebird
> organization, if one exists now or within three years. This may all
> be moot of such a site already exists.

Very noble offer, thank you.

About the web space for Firebird Project, we're not in short with
actual size of space offered at SourceForge, and it seems that we
would have enough in predictable future. The availability of service,
PHP and backup's etc. is also satisfactory (for now). But the domain would be very nice, and could be attached to
Firebird's current web site (it's another standard service at

Best regards
-- Pavel Cisar

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