Subject Re: Firebird Logo Suggestion
Hi Helen,
I strongly disagree! First, the font is neither Helvetica nor Arial,
it's very different from those. But it's bold, ok.

Go to and look at the fonts on those logos. You'll see
similar, bold fonts. Is that kid's printshop stuff? ;)

Thinking the font must look like the logo, that's what is a kids
aproach IMHO.

I just printed the page, ok, I don't have a 300 dpi printer at hand
mine is 600, and it looks ok. Don't forget that Frank's sample is in
a huge case (big), that might make it look smoother with your crappy
printer LOL (sorry, just kidding)

By the way I just posted yet another graphic, 234 x 60 pixel half

I've put a somewhat "political statement" in that banner, I'll
comment about that shortly, thanks for your explaining in response to
my "politics" message by the way.

Best regards

--- In IBDI@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@d...> wrote:
> At 05:02 PM 16-04-01 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hello Frank,
> >thank you for suggesting something! I've just added it to my page.
> >
> >In my opinion your font has too many curves. The logo has many
> >already and I would avoid to add "more of the same" in the title.
> >
> >Thanks for suggesting though, and if anyone else has yet another
> >suggestion for font or logo, simply email it to me if you want me
> >expose it on my page.
> I do. The Helv and Arial boldfaces are too lumpy for the fine,
clear lines you have established in the graphic. 3 a.m. here and I'm
still experimenting with it.
> btw, I think there is benefit in an all-black "photocopy" version.
The Helv looks terrible printed out at 300's like kids'
Printshop stuff. Try it for yourself.
> Once again, thanks for your perseverance with this. Just what we
needed. :)
> Helen
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