Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Firebird Logo Suggestion
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Markus,

- just my 0.02$, don't take it too seriously (i hardly ever take myself
seriously... life is hard enough as it is :-) ...and anyway, logos and fonts
are imho for 90% a matter of personal like or dislike (deliberatly avoiding
the word "taste" here!).

markus.soell@... wrote:
> Hi Helen,
> I strongly disagree! First, the font is neither Helvetica nor Arial,
> it's very different from those. But it's bold, ok.
> Go to and look at the fonts on those logos. You'll see
> similar, bold fonts. Is that kid's printshop stuff? ;)

no, it's M$ stuff (which is far worse), and Firebird is lightyears away from
(or should i say: ahead of?) M$ ;-))

> Thinking the font must look like the logo, that's what is a kids
> aproach IMHO.

thanks for the slap in the face (just kidding :), but i personally think the
font *should* have some intuitive relation to the image and the nature of the
product it represents (and i learned this not from a kid's, but from a
typography book<g>); that's why i chose the HomewardBound a.k.a Hobo font in
the first place (don't know how to say "aus einem Guss" in English :).

It looks (to me) far more dynamic, in motion/action, somehow - well, "faster"
and "firier" (does this word really exist??) than a dull font with sharp,
straight edges. And, as said, i simply find it funny that the "r" looks just
like a mirror of the bird's nose...

> I just printed the page, ok, I don't have a 300 dpi printer at hand
> mine is 600, and it looks ok. Don't forget that Frank's sample is in
> a huge case (big), that might make it look smoother with your crappy
> printer LOL (sorry, just kidding)

good point, i admit i only tried mine on a 1200x1200 color deskjet. I made it
just so big that the height of the letters about matches the "apparent" height
of the bird's body (*inside* it's wings), which iirc comes as a rule of thumb
in some of the literature about fonts & logos - but this should not say that
those rules are to be taken for granted... as a matter of fact, some of the
most impressive logos i know are so impressive because they do *not* stick
to those rules...

> By the way I just posted yet another graphic, 234 x 60 pixel half
> banner.
> I've put a somewhat "political statement" in that banner, I'll
> comment about that shortly, thanks for your explaining in response to
> my "politics" message by the way.

(maybe you could avoid the "evil" word with the (R) by a description like
"giving IB wings" :-) heck, i must sound like a marketing guy...)

anyway, keep those pixels flowing!

(P.S. since i can't participate in active FB development due to my lack of C
knowledge, and even posting msgs like "hey guys, i want to send you money to
support you" to the firebird-devel list apparently has not much effect either
(which is a mystery to me, i really just don't get it...) i thought i could at
least help in finding a good font for the logo... but these days all my
efforts seem to just run into nowhere... :( just giving up on even hoping for
any comments. (does this sound frustrated? yes i am. tomorrow's another day.)