Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird / IBPhoenix Politics
Author Pavel Cisar

Helen, you did render it down perfectly. Again, you saved me
countless hours of writing which would not be more compact, clear
and precise :)

About the Firebird logo:

The current one (mirrored IBPhoenix) was always a temporary
solution (better than "cartoon one", IMHO), and now is the perfect
time to make a new one.

I liked the one's Markus created, with few comments. It would be
better if bird will look in right direction and would maintain its
position left to text. It's better for layout of any materials (that way,
logo will be in upper left corner). Also the colour could be a more
(brick) red for my taste. The circle could be also an ellipse (bottom-
up) to save space and make the picture more compact.

Just my 0.02c

Best regards
-- Pavel Cisar

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