Subject Re: [IBDI] Firebird / IBPhoenix Politics
Author Jeff Dodds

Great logo(s). I have been trying to develop a logo for Firebird for
some time. Mine always come out too complicated. The simplicity and clean
line of the Phoenix logo you've designed for Firebird are excellent. I
especially like the way you've warped the wings subtly into the circle.

I have another point for all to consider, with regard to the Firebird brand

It is my opinion that the continuous retelling of the InterBase Conflict is
harmful to the development of Firebird. When a new potential user /
developer first joins the lists he or she is hit with the facts of the
schism which birthed Firebird.

Firebird, in my opinion, must rise as its namesake. Shelve the history
lesson for a while and let Firebird fly. Each child must come out of the
shadow of its parent in order to shine.

I realize the extent of the injury to prides, egos, and feelings (as well as
bank accounts) must be addressed, but leave it to the history books or a
page on a Firebird website. A Firebird website could have a page which is
solely and uniquely dedicated to the telling the story of Firebird, if you
want the story, go here, otherwise you need not read about the past.

I agree that Firebird needs a site of it own. Is this what
is? If not we need a simply named site like Markus was taking about. If a
name can be decided upon, I'll put my money where my mouth is. I will buy
webspace for Firebird and foot the bill for three years (Webspace must be
reasonable). I will turn over control of the webspace to the key developers
(those who control the Firebird builds). And I am willing to turn over
ownership of any name purchased to a legal Firebird organization, if one
exists now or within three years. This may all be moot of such a site
already exists.

My 2 cents
Jeff Dodds

> I hope that the facts (and fiction) of the history is written down as it
> unfolds (and has unfolded since late 1999) to be made public at some
> future time.