Subject RE: [IBDI] Re: Comments on IBDI article I just posted...
Author Kaputnik
The biggest problem of Oracle is its leader, Larry Ellison....

there is a saying here: What is the difference between larry and god---god
doesn't think, he's larry :-))

There are several legal issues covering benchmarks of databases, but one
thing is sure without hurting these lagalities....
DB2 is currently the best perfomring db on the market....
Oracle is second, but having Adabas (well, don't smile) faster in several
MS-SQL can be fast, but doesn't have to...despite of MS's postet benchmarks,
it can't reach to the bigger ones (the bench was on a killer-machine, and an
IBM-bench equalled it almost on far inferio hardware)

Take a look at DB2, there is a linux-version either out or due out....

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> >As Orcale has a competing ERP-product against us (and a pretty bad one,
> >exactly) and having Crazy Larry literally declare war with SAP,
> we would be
> >very dumb supporting Oracle DB anymore. With every rollout of
> R/3 we would
> >strenghten Oracle financially. We are preferring DB2 , and using
> MS-SQL only
> >for smaller customers and for CRM. Despite, MS is using our products
> >themself (and paying large bucks), so why not using MS-products
> in return?
> >Also, having DB2 having much better performance, easier to
> configure (sigh)
> >and more scalable, why still using Oracle as our standard?
> Well I am in no way familiar with all the politicking that goes on in big
> corporations although I guess I have a soap opera like facination with
> them. Your comments on DB/2 intrigue me though and I will have to take a
> look at it carefully. I understand they dropped the prices quite
> a bit lately.
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