Author Damian Dowling
Hi all,

First i would like to apologize for sending this out of thread email - but
this is urgent.

We need a replacement system for our business and since i would like it to
use Interbase i thought this is the best place to ask. So if you are a
developer, have a system or know of a system that meets the following core
requirements please email me A.S.A.P.


1. Multiuser,Client Server System.
2. EU compliant (must handle, the Euro, Intrastat etc, and multi-currency).
3. Multiple price lists per customer.
4. Handle group customers with Head Office Billing.
5. Customizable Reports.
6. Customizable Pricing (ie Promotional Pricing + Discounts).
7. Can handle Units and Weight, Independently or together.
8. Control accounts.
9. Nominal Ledger.
10. Integrated Accounts Module.


1. Uses Interbase.
2. Uses IBO.
3. Most if not all Business rules held in Stored Procedures in DB.
4. Developer in the EU.
5. Modular Program.
6. MDI interface.
7. Customizable GUI.

The system will be installed in phases the first being Sales Order Entry,
Cash Entry, Pricing and basic stock control. This will allow for the system
to be tailored to our needs in phases.

If you have any questions, have or know of a system please contact me.

Also if you are a developer and think that you can program the required
System then please email me.

Damian Dowling
IT Manager
Pallas Foods Ltd