Subject Re: [IBDI] Re: Comments on IBDI article I just posted...
Author Tim Uckun
>As Orcale has a competing ERP-product against us (and a pretty bad one,
>exactly) and having Crazy Larry literally declare war with SAP, we would be
>very dumb supporting Oracle DB anymore. With every rollout of R/3 we would
>strenghten Oracle financially. We are preferring DB2 , and using MS-SQL only
>for smaller customers and for CRM. Despite, MS is using our products
>themself (and paying large bucks), so why not using MS-products in return?
>Also, having DB2 having much better performance, easier to configure (sigh)
>and more scalable, why still using Oracle as our standard?

Well I am in no way familiar with all the politicking that goes on in big
corporations although I guess I have a soap opera like facination with
them. Your comments on DB/2 intrigue me though and I will have to take a
look at it carefully. I understand they dropped the prices quite a bit lately.