Subject MPL 1.1 multiple license provisions (Was: [IBDI] Which license(s)?)
Author Roland Turner
Helen Borrie wrote:

> The announcement about MPL 1.1 has been in the IBDI pages now for some weeks.

These would be the pages? It appears to have been
added to the FAQ today (there is no question of a caching problem as (a)
I don't work behind a cache, even a transparent one, (b) my browser
cache is flushed daily and (c) my first visit to these pages was
yesterday), I cannot see the announcement (News? Community Notices?). If
you'd provide the URL (and the navigation path, perhaps I'm looking in
the wrong place), I'd appreciate it.

So, my second and third questions:

> >- If 1.1, will the multiple-licensed code provisions be utilised? (I
> >hope so.)
> >- If so, is LGPL an option?

Who is making the licensing decision? Has MPL's multiple license
provision been considered, and if so, the LGPL?

- Raz