Subject Re: (IBDI) Forget OS/2 porting (was Re: Important!)
Author dcalford
Hi Fabricio,

> My opinion that we must concentrate in the other OS's and
> forget OS/2 by now, Dalton.

I only mentioned OS2 because it stuck in my mind (when I wrote this email I did not
have access to a web machine to look up all the other OS's that were supported by
FPK) and OS2 was easy to remember because I was supprised they supported it.

> >It is still beta, but well, so are 99% of linux projects (rarely do they ever
> >hit the magic
> >1.0 relase but stay at a .99999999991ba sorta thing)
> Normal in perfeccionist people and this care is the cause of its LINUX fever.

Soooo True, I have a friend who has a 486 that he has not rebooted for 3 years, he
replaced a novel server with it and never looked back. He never needed to upgrade
it, never looks at it and until I asked him about the box in the corner collecting
dust, he had forgotten about it. It holds all his corporate data. - his novel
emulation stuff is pre-release vesions of what was arround years ago and he is
running it on redhat 4.x (don't know if it is even 4.2)

With a perfectionist group, even Alpha software is more stable than most stuff we
have been used to.