Subject (IBDI) Forget OS/2 porting (was Re: Important!)
Author Fabricio Araujo
On Fri, 07 Jan 2000 16:00:23 -0500, Dalton Calford wrote:

>But, our biggest need is Delphi code being able to port over properly to other
>platforms and FPK supports OS2 as well as other OS's.

My opinion that we must concentrate in the other OS's and
forget OS/2 by now, Dalton.
Why? The user community of OS/2 actually is very hostile
to IBM because the Big Blue almost killed the client(desktop)
version of OS/2.
This said, it will be almost impossible get a non-server version
of OS/2 to test IB.
Many other companies that bet in OS/2 in the past came to
Windoze. I can say: Emtec, SouthSoft, PowerQuest (yes, PowerQuest.
PartitionMagic was born to the OS/2 market in the very beggining)
DeScribe is dead. Stardock may be abandoned its OS/2 products by now.
All 3rdParty software makers that I've heard that work by OS/2,
all of them abandoned this platform. Borland don't convince anyone with
it's C++ for OS/2. Then, the product was very buggy and the OS/2 community
abandoned Borland.
OS/2 IS ALMOST DEAD. And I'm NOT a OS/2 enemy. By the inverse,
until early '98 I were a passionate advocate of OS/2.
IBM only use it to some of its corporate projects in great customers.
I don't think that IB will do some difference in OS/2 now.

>It is still beta, but well, so are 99% of linux projects (rarely do they ever
>hit the magic
>1.0 relase but stay at a .99999999991ba sorta thing)

Normal in perfeccionist people and this care is the cause of its LINUX fever.

[]s Fabricio