Subject Engine information (nr. of attachments, databases, db-name-info) for vulcan
Author Arno Brinkman
Hi All,

Currently in vulcan the services don't provide information about the number of attachments,
databases and attached db-names. This code is disabled because the way it was implemented it breaks
the layering.

To enable this service function again i propose to add a function called fb_engine_info() to the
engine. This function should be extensible for future features, so i propose to use info items (same
as isc_database_info). Some new info items needs to be declared for fb_engine_info() inside ibase.h.

The function needs also to be added to the subsystem (and by default does nothing?). Engine8 will
override it and call the function in jrd.

We could have multiple engines, so we need to walk through all known providers and subsystems. For
every subsystem from the provider the fb_engine_info() function is called.
As far as i understand the Dispatcher it the place to handle this.

I see some problems with walking through all providers:
What if an info_item isn't supported by engine-old, but it is by engine-new.
We can't ask information for a specific engine.

Ideas, suggestions, comments?

Arno Brinkman

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