Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Re: The POSITION
Author Milan Babuskov
m_theologos wrote:
>>>to the market what is needed _now_

I was just pointing out that the fact that feature "is needed now" is
not a good argument, since there are easy ways to work around it.
However, this:

> But researching other things, I discovered that the code which
> POSITION can use is already (in a big proportion) in the code-base
> and I suggested that this can be used to implement, with ease, the
> new function.

Is a good argument. And you made it look so easy, that Claudio proposed
that you implement it ;)

> But we must consider
> some things about UDFs:
> 1. Are great way to extend with ease your server
> 2. Are not cross-platform

Are not 100% cross-platform I'd say. I use STR* UDFs on Linux and
Windows without problems.

> 3. (At least for STRPOS) aren't officialy supported by Firebird
> foundation.

Neither are IBExpert or DBW, but it doesn't mean they are not good.

> 4. Performance penality
> 5. Some limitations in some constructs (arguments mainly)

Maybe they should be all put in the server then? After all, they are
only small pieces of code and wouldn't bloat the server.

Milan Babuskov