Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Superserver
Author Ann W. Harrison
> Jim Starkey wrote:
> >
>> A serial log implementation is unthinkable for classic
Dmitry Yemanov wrote:

> Hmmm. PostgreSQL is a classic (although with a shared page cache) and it
> has a serial log.

And it's precisely the lack of a shared page cache that
makes a serial log difficult for Classic. On the other
hand, we discussed this at length six years ago and
finally decided that Classic has benefits in specific
situations - including crash resistance and an architecture
suitable for clusters. At the moment, we've got better
uses for talent than another refactoring of the code.

As for the larger issue of Firebird's market, it appears
that MySQL is moving away from small OEM's in favor of
enterprise customers. Firebird is already a better choice
for software resellers technically and financially. That's
a huge global market that well fill exceptionally well.
The tiny-footprint databases Jim mentioned are either
single user or scale badly to multiple users, so they're
not so attractive to anyone who develops an application
designed to scale from single users to networks. Our
various architectures, though a maintenance challenge
and a problem in implementing some features, give us
flexibility that other systems don't offer.