Subject The POSITION
Author m_theologos

[A small disclaimer first...]

In all my posts I try to be as efficient as I can, pointing out
features which can be implemented relatively quick in order to give
to the market what is needed _now_. In the past I studied the history
and the key factors which drive the IT world and IMHO I saw that the
key for succes is the large base of users which is achieved by the
number of working features rather than few features but very highly
optimised ones. From success stories I remember now Microsoft, Corel,
Borland (at the beginnings), MySQL, PostgresSQL to point only a few.
All the users ask "WHAT it can do?" and this is the question which
drive the decision. The other question "HOW OPTIMIZED is?" is asked
by a very small percent of users, and very often _after_ the purchase/
installation of the product. (For example, Quark (nowadays), Apple
(MacOS), Palm(OS) and Unix(es) had(have) these high quality standards
instead of number of features and that's why they became a niche

Now back to the subject:

I saw the from the core features of SQL Standard the POSITION
function isn't supported. Perhaps you can use the engine from the
CONTAINING predicate?


m. Th.