Subject Lock Manager Configuration Management
Author Jim Starkey
I'm trying to figure out how lock manager configuration information
should be handled. The big question is whether or not two "providers"
should be able to share a lock manager configuration. If the providers
are allowed to share a lock table, then we need a formal "lockmanager"
object in the configuration table. If not, lock manager configuration
information should live in the provider object.

Among the cases were two or more engine providers would be resident on a
system are:

1. An obsolete engine is being retained during migration to a new
Firebird version
2. Production and development engines exist on a system (standard
case for dbms developers)
3. Two groups share a system but don't want to share anything else
4. Embedded and central server usage coexists on the same system

Maybe a better way of asking the question is whether two providers would
ever want to share lock manager?



Jim Starkey
Netfrastructure, Inc.
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