Subject Re: [Firebird-Architect] Vulcan Configuration Files
Author Brad Pepers
As an aside from the configuration files (which looks like sound design), what
is your plan with security of the running vulcan engine? When my client
connects to a database it will be talking to a server usually and how is that
server going to be run? Started from rc.d or xinetd? As what user and with
what permissions? Any control over the server for what directories it will
load UDF libraries from or whether it will accept remote connections or not?

I suppose on Windows XP/2000/NT it will run as a service under the Admin user
and thereby have full control so its like running it as root or can it be run
with a specific user with less control? Are you worried about running the
server as root/Admin or not?

Just trying to get a feeling on how you see handling security. In the past
the Firebird engine ran as root and recently thats been changed with so far
somewhat mixed results.

Brad Pepers