Subject RE: [Firebird-Architect] Lock Manager Configuration Management
Author Samofatov, Nickolay
Hi, Jim!

> Maybe a better way of asking the question is whether two providers
> ever want to share lock manager?
> Thoughts?

I think flexible solution would be:
1. Explicitly declare lock manager instances
2. Bind lock manager instances to engine8 provider instances
3. Implement some kind of protection to prevent corruption of
non-readonly database when it is accessed by several engines using
different lock managers (basically, deny such access)

Jim, are you in a great rush now?

Have you thought about listeners? Maybe we should introduce new
configuration object "server instance" to group lock manager, listeners
and engine8 provider for individual Firebird server instance? I think
this may simplify management to some extent and this is close to state
how multi-instancing works in Firebird now.

If you don't think about this stuff (and also object names or prefixes
for all global objects) your config and y-valve stuff will have problems
with acceptance as introducing functional regressions. Currently,
Firebird RootDirectory is used as instance identifier and is also used
as prefix for some objects names, remaining global object names may be
configured in per-instance firebird.conf.

> Jim Starkey