Subject New incremental version of Firebird.
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi All

Im fairly happy with the classic firebird build incorperating all the
current changes and its run through the tcs test suite and some of my
own tests. And super is also pretty close. So I think it's time we go
up a minor version step. We'll call this one a Firebird 0.9.5 Beta1.

I don't want a 1.0 version yet, since we need to do some stress and
volume testing first (sorry Sean). But that should not be too far
away. I think someone pitched June as a release date for 1.0, that
sounds a fair guestimate, although as they also pointed out, timelines
are dificult when you are talking about donated time.

The main issue is testing, so if any happy person/company/potential
reseller/whoever wants to speed that process up and consequently get
the advantage of all our good works, by perhaps paying for someone to
help out (I even have the odd candidate handy) it would be very much
appreciated (please rush personal email to me :-).

I will increment the version number, and open a new sourceforge release
directory for it. I think I have made anyone who needs it a "release
manager" so they can put their files there. If anyone wants to access
them or wants help just email firebird-devel or me.

A build and successful run through the tcs test suite is the
requirements to get into the release.

The only issue to resolve is naming conventions for the download files.
The 0.9-4 is fairly confusing, since many of the names (ie the linux rpm
ones) don't contain the platform and are confusing when placed alongside
other hardware versions.

Any suggestions welcome (see current confused scheme at:)



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